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Articles on other topics than security and development. Things I learn and want to share. From building this website with Jekyll, to electronic projects.

DIY Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS (DDNS), the way to access your network devices at home from remote locations without static IP. But what if you already own a domain?

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Linux dotfiles

While working with Linux on and off for two decades, I never structurally solved the problem of tweaking a new Linux installation to my liking, over and over again.

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Game of Life

In 1970 the “Game of Life” was created by the British mathematician John Conway. A discrete mathematics model to mimic the behavior of living cells.

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Tags in my posts

Jekyll does support tags, but what about determining related posts based on tags of the post? Jekyll does not support tags very well. There is no support for a tag archive page, neither does it support listing related posts. Let’s make this work!

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Comments with Jekyll

Static sites are just static html files, right? Not quite these days. I’ve added comments to my static generated site hosted with Github pages.

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This is my new website

Welcome to my new static website generated with Jekyll! Finally I got fed up with my single-page website so I was looking for a nice way to setup my new website.

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