This is my new website

Two and a half years I have had my previous one-page website. Now finally got enough inspiration to create something decent.

Welcome to my new static website generated with Jekyll! Finally I got fed up with my single-page website so I was looking for a nice way to setup my new website.

In spired by my former co-worker Marijn from Serra ICT, I took a look at Jekyll. Soon I found a Bootstrap 3 template for Jekyll here, which seem to fit my needs perfectly! Just like Marijn, I host my site at github using github-pages. It works as a charm!

A nice blog posting of Kyle Banks showed how to add some category listings to my website:

Maybe you would like to take a look at the sources of my website? Or you might want to try out a static generated website with free webhosting?

Thanks Marijn, I owe you a beer!

Update 12 sept 2017:

Added comments to my website, read more

Update 24 sept 2017:

Deploying to my own webhosting because Github Pages does not support SSL for custom domain names.